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This journal is mostly friends-only, though some of the fan stuff related entries will be unlocked. Feel free to friend/defriend me, no need to ask, and I'll do the same.

EDIT: Before friending this journal, please note that I am against using RL or fictional children in a graphic fiction/art where a child (and by that I mean pre-teen and down) is having any kind of sexual interaction with adult/another child.

I am INSANELY addicted to Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf RPF right now. For which I blame my friends (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, PEOPLE!) Those boys are too damn pretty. TW FTW. Anyway, I still love J2 ,Sam/Dean and all kinds of rare FPS pairings ;) And I still like Bradley/Colin on the Merlin RPS front. And read whatever slash I feel like. I'm flexible when it comes to porn.

I'm usually nice to other people on my flist and easy to get along with, but please keep all kinds of fandom wank away from my LJ. I want this to be my happy place so if you thrive on angst, drama, whinage or thrashing others and their writing/art, I don't think we'd have a lot in common. And if you can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy, we probably won't have much in common either.

I've been on LJ since 2005 so this is only technically a new journal and I'm not a troll, I'm waaay too shiny to be one ;P

Happy LJing! :)

And so people would think I'm awesomely intelligent, have thee a poem:

Although they are
only breath, words
which I command
are immortal


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